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Creative Director + Mechanic

Art Director, Marketing Executive, Adjunct Professor in Design & Marketing and a pretty damn good mechanic.


My Process

I love to see something where others cannot – to find value where most just do not see any. To bring life to ideas and to capture moments. I love a great story. To serve my community and try to master my crafts.


Brick Layer

+ Seed Sower

Years of travel and mission work internationally have helped shape a global perspective on human nature.



Dance Pro

Committed - even if the routine isn't a perfect 10, the goal is always to enjoy music and laugh along the way with a great partner.

Lover of the


There is a rhythm to the water that allows creativity to flow. If I'm looking to be inspired, search for me on the river, lake or ocean.  

Works Well

with Others

A pack animal. A protector of the herd. Works and plays well with others, but not afraid to lead.

IMG_2304 2.JPG

What You'll Get

I pledge the following to you and your team:

A leader who is direct, but kind.

A keeper of commitments. An avid reader.

You will get insights and experience from a global,

well-traveled perspective. 

A promise to show-up when you need it, deliver something beautiful and help your business make a dent in the world.

Yes, time is an invaluable resource, but energy is the most valuable of all, and I will offer that in full.

If you've been looking for help,

I'm happy to jump in.

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